Our Story

I started my needlepointing journey just a few years ago when I began commuting for work. Flying between Nashville & Orlando I took up needlepoint as a way to combat my flight anxiety. I quickly fell in love with the craft and the amazing women that made up the community. Having a love for art and being an avid painter I decided to try my hand at canvas painting. After showing my work to a few friends in the industry I quickly realized there was a gap in the market for modern designs for the next generation. Thus, Eva Howard was created.

The name Eva Howard comes from my great grandmother. Eva was a well-traveled woman that brought joy and laughter to every room. She took great pride in the simplest of gestures. There was never a thank you note that went unwritten or a party attended without a hostess gift. She believed in loving others through acts of service and displayed this everyday by always remembering to check in on her friend’s life, families, and loved ones. I try to exemplify her image everyday which is why each package is shipped with a handwritten thank you note, customers are treated like family, and the utmost care is put into creating each and every canvas.

Warmest Regards Always - Sydney Deaver