• Travel Essentials for Commuters

    Travel Essentials for Commuters

    For over a year now I have been commuting to Florida for work every week. I often fly down on Sunday nights and then return to Nashville on Wednesday or Thursday. I spend the weekend in Nashville with family and friends and then do it all over again on Sunday. Needless to say, I have quite a few miles under my belt; and over time I have collected a tried and true list of travel essentials!

    1. Collapsible Waterbottle 

    I don't know what type of weird aura the airport has, but every time I get through security I immediately want some water. So instead of paying for the $4 water bottles that are nothing but highway robbery. I always try to bring a reusable water bottle. Que Bottle has some great collapsible water bottles that make traveling a tad easier. They also donate a portion of their profits to some amazing organizations that work to protect and save our planet. Bit of a win-win if you ask me. 


    3. Wet Wipes

    Let's be real, traveling can get a bit unsanitary at times and sometimes it's nice to have a wet wipe handy when it does. I use the Whole Foods Lavender Hand Sanitizer Wipes to wipe down the tray tables on the plane or to clean my hands before grabbing a bite to eat. They truly come in handy more than you would think. This Whole Foods brand is truly the best as it has a very light and natural scent and is resealable.  

    2. Chapstick

    When flying on a plane the dry air can dehydrate and dry out your skin. That's why I always have some Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm with me. I bought this on a whim at Sephora and I truly cannot live without it anymore. It's a staple in my travel bag but also in my everyday life. 

    4. Head Phones 

    One of the things that every traveler needs is a pair of headphones. To be clear I keep two pairs on hand when I travel. First, just a standard pair of headphones that will adapt to the airplane outlets easily. Just in case there is a movie or TV show I want to watch that is offered for free by the airline. Second, a pair of wireless headphones. My favorites are Apple AirPods because they are easily rechargeable and seem to be the most compact.

    5. Snacks Always Snacks 

    I'm truly never without a granola bar or some type of snack trail mix. I can't tell you the number of times I have had a flight that was supposed to land around lunchtime but gets delayed. Before you know it you're midflight and ravenously hungry. There are so many amazing snack brands out there but I really like Nut Harvest variety packs since they're on the healthier side and don't take up a ton of space. All while keeping me full for an extended period of time. 

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