• Top 5 Best Accessories for Needlepoint Beginners

    Top 5 Best Accessories for Needlepoint Beginners

    When I first learned to needlepoint I became obsessed with it. So much so that I didn't really pay attention to the products invented to make needlepoint even MORE enjoyable. All I had was a pair of scissors and a needle. Which don't get me wrong, at the most basic form is all you need. But there were also products that I didn't know existed that would have made those beginner project days much easier. These are the items that I always carry with me, and that seems to make stitching that much better. 

    1. Scissors || Let's be real, a cute pair of functional scissors makes all the difference. For me, I want simple embroidery scissors that won't break my heart if I lose them on an airplane while commuting. That's why these gold scissors are my OG favorite. 

    2. Needleminder || One of the best items I ever purchased was a needle minder. They are the easiest way to help keep track of your needles. Some are even strong enough to hold your scissors. They are a fun way to add a little personality to your canvas while also helping keep things in order. My absolute favorite is our Eva Howard Designs F-Bomb needleminder. 

    3. Silicon Thimble ||  After about 30 minutes of stitching my thumbs start to get tired. I'm normally in the mindset to keep stitching but my hands are done. This silicon thimble helps to make pulling the needle through the canvas a bit easier. Allowing you to stitch longer and more comfortably. 

    4. Thread Ripper || I don't care if you are a new stitcher or a seasoned veteran, a thread ripper is a must for all. At some point, you are bound to make a mistake and when you do this guy will save your life. We love them and we hate them all at the same time. Pro tip: get one with a larger grip for more comfort. 

    5. Project Bag || For a really long time I tried to keep all my stuff in little zip lock bags. This worked for a while but as I increased the number of projects I was working on (it happens to us all eventually) I realized I needed a bag for each project. It's really the only way to keep all your threads connect to the correct projects. These waterproof ziplock bags are a great option with a variety of sizes for all types of projects. 

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    • Leslie says...

      You also need a laying tool and a pair of locking pliers for pulling the needle out

      February 15, 2021

    • Edithwdixon says...

      Sydney I love to needlepoint! So excited to follow your blog.

      February 15, 2021

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